An Open and Affirming Congregation and a Global Missions Church

Transformation Through Education

Sunday, 9:30am-10:45am

Gathering together in the Lounge, we will be challenged by important issues with opportunities to ask questions and discuss possibilities for action that arise from progressive Christian concerns. We may also be inspired with messages o faith and hope; and laugh or crying during dramatic presentations. These are occasions when we encourage friends and visitors to attend with us.

The Forums are free and open to all who wish to attend.

 THE BURNING, led by Eugene Kidder M.Div., CGP, FAGPA.  Fire has many meanings for us.  We find comfort and warmth within it, yet we know well it’s destructive powers.  The apostles on the road to Emmaus said “were not our hearts burning within us while he (Jesus) was talking to us on the road?”  Another meaning takes us to the power of burning to extinguish writings or objects which we want to destroy as a release from the bondage of a shameful experience or a hurtful memory.  On this day we will gather by the fireplace to embrace a ritual to this end.


ISSUES BEFORE THE WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE, led by Marilyn Watkins from the Economic Opportunity Institute.  Each year, Marilyn brings issues being studied by the Legislature prior to the budget process.  It is a time when we, as individuals or as a group, also make decisions about the responses we should or could make.  Marilyn shares her experiences as a registered lobbyist with us.

WHAT IS EVANGELISM IN THESE CHANGING TIMES WHEN CHURCHES  WORK FOR AND WITH SIGNIFICANT CHANGE?   led by Rev. Rebecca Sumner.  Rebecca is our newest staff person assigned to the Evangelism Mission Group at University Christian Church and is the pastor of a new Disciples worshipping community in Everett.  She will describe her work, tell us about her hopes and how we may participate.

TOWARD AN UNDERSTANDING OF DEMENTIA, led by Dr. David Harrison MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  In this Forum we will seek to better understand the causes and types of dementia; better understand the diagnosis and treatment of dementia, and better understand the impact on the patient and family. Dr. Harrison currently works as a consulting psychiatrist in multiple primary care clinics in Washington State and is consultant psychiatrist for the UW Perinatal Psychiatry Consult Line.  He also works as an attending psychiatrist on the inpatient psychiatry consult service at UW Medical Center.  Dr. Harrison received his MD and PhD from UC Davis, was a resident in Psychiatry at Oregon Health Sciences University and completed a fellowship in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at UW.  After finishing this fellowship, he joined the faculty at UW.  His clinical and research interests include collaborative mental health care in the primary care setting, complementary and alternative medicine and psychiatry, and spirituality and religion and psychiatry.

THE DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY IN TODAY’S WORLD, led by Ed Hausken. In 2016, the Northwest Region of Disciples of Christ was drafting a refutation of the “Doctrine of Discovery” which is a 15th century church doctrine that justified the worst aspects of colonialism.  Ed will describe the doctrine and its consequences.  He will discuss with us why it is of concern in these times; and what are some actions being taken by churches today.

VISION SUNDAY, led by the Vision Task Force.  The panel will discuss work they have done as they have considered an important statement for University Christian Church.  This presentation will include dialogue with those present.  Ultimately a Vision Statement will be voted on by the congregation.  Panel members include Marsha Tolon, Marilyn Watkins, Rev. Adam Harmon, and Ed Hausken, Chair.

SIGNIFICANT POINTS IN HISTORY FOR THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, DISCIPLES OF CHRIST, led by John Imbler, Interim Executive Director of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society and Executive Vice President Emeritus and Adjunct Professor of the History of Christianity and Disciples Studies at Phillips Theological Seminary.  John will discuss the impact in ecumenical circles and enlightened religious thought created by the Christian Church.  This impact is based on the four ideals of the Stone-Campbell movement which are UNITY, RESTORATION, LIBERTY AND MISSION.  Those ideals are surely pertinent to today’s world.

THE LIVABLE CITY, led by Dr. Paul Kidder, Professor of Philosophy at Seattle University.  Paul has written and given presentations on this subject.  He will describe the concept of “livable city” and discuss the future of American cities.  He has long held an interest in architecture and architectural meanings.

READING THE SUFFERING SERVANT SONGS IN ISAIAH WITH INTEGRITY, led by Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison, Johnnie Eagle Cadieux Professor of Hebrew Bible at Phillips Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This is the first Sunday of Lent, a time when Christians tend to misread the texts from Isaiah and their use by the gospel writers.  What are more appropriate ways that Christians can read/understand these texts?  Dr. Davison is traveling from Tulsa to be with us at this important time in the beginning of Lent.  We are pleased she can be with us in Seattle.

 THE RECOVERY CAFÉ, AN IMPORTANT MINISTRY TO THOSE SUFFERING FROM NEED AND NEGLECT.  The mission statement for this organization is as follows: “Recovery Café is a community of women and men who have been traumatized by homelessness, addiction and other mental health challenges coming to know we are loved and that we have gifts to share.”  Works include the provision of nutritious meals, Recovery Circles, peer to peer support facilitated by staff, and more.  The speaker will be announced.

THE FOOD CHALLENGE, led by Lynn Fitz-Hugh from Faith and Climate Action.  What if there was something we could do about climate change by changing our eating habits?  There is.  Come and learn the four aspects of the food we consume that contribute to climate change; and how by altering our eating habits we can influence how food is produced in this country.

POETRY RELATING TO LENT WITH MUSIC, led by Meredith Armstrong. Selected poems having to do with emotions we associate with the Lenten season.  Meredith is a professional actor and she will be accompanied by her brother, Brent Armstrong.

FROM LENTEN REPENTANCE TO EASTER JOY, led by Rev. Dr. Adam Harmon. Lent is a season of preparation for Easter. It is both a time to acknowledge our own sinfulness and need for repentance as well as a time of intentional reflection as we prepare ourselves for the celebration of the Resurrection at Easter. This forum will focus on what the transition looks like as we move from Lenten repentance to Easter joy. What does it mean to have an intentional time of self-reflection, and how does that time impact our interpretation of the Easter resurrection?

A PALM SUNDAY DIALOGUE  —  “IS IT I, LORD?” During the Last Supper with Jesus and his Disciples, scripture tells us he said “One of you will betray me.” Whereupon each of the Disciples asked this question “Is it I?”  Why do we think they said this?  Does the question have personal meanings?  We will be at tables where we can talk with each other.